Saturday, May 2, 2009

Manners of a Muslim

Below is a list compiled of various good characteristics. Note which qualities that you have, and which you lack in. Try and better your character, inshaAllah.

  1. Care taken when speaking, think before you talk.

  2. Be honest at all times.

  3. Respect and kindness shown to others

  4. A muslim should help others unless they ask for help in forbidden matters.

  5. Care should be taken when making promises lest one cannot fulfill them.

  6. Be humble and modest.

  7. Be truthful at all times

  8. Think well of others.

  9. Give sincere advice when it is sought by others.

  10. Keep promises and be reliable.

  11. Control ones anger.

  12. Be forgiving

  13. Never indulge in slander/back-biting.

  14. Be modest. Don’t show off.

  15. Refrain from speaking about things that does not concern you

  16. Always be patient.

  17. Think wisely before doing any action.

  18. Defend others when they are absent from slander.

  19. Encourage one another in doing good and obeying and Worshipping Allah

  20. Be generous/charitable without being extravagant

  21. Do not be suspicious of fellow muslims.

  22. Don’t be nosey in matters that don’t concern you.

  23. Don’t lie.

  24. Don’t boast.

  25. Don’t be proud and don’t draw attention to ones own good deeds.

  26. Don’t speak in loud/rude tones

  27. Don’t praise or flatter someone when they are in front of you

  28. Don’t ridicule or scoff at others. Treat with respect.

  29. Be obedient to Allah, offer the 5 prayers and obey the Qur'an & Sunnah.

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