Saturday, May 2, 2009

Contemplating the Asma al Husna

How to use the 99 Names of Allah in al Qur'an

There are the 99 Names or Attributes of Allah, that are working in every human being at all times. We are not aware of this. All our bodies are working with these Attributes.

For example, there is the al-Basir attribute of Allah. Now how does that work? It works with your sight. Allah has given that to you.

There is the Sami' attribute. How does that work? It works with your hearing.

Allah has given these attributes to the human being and the human body is working with them.

As we do Tafakkur, contemplative meditation, of these attributes working inside the body, we can see how they work. That's why Tafakkur carries so much importance. As a person does Taffakur, he gains strength from the Dhikr, Divine Remembrance. His 'ishq, his Divine Love, increases and he begins to feel a nearness to Allah. That's why in the Quran the word "Tafakkur" is mentioned often. The Taffakur of every Asma' causes an opening inside of a person.

Tafakkur is practiced like this: through thinking you place the Asma into your brain and then you're not to speak at all and you're to try to listen to yourself. That Asma' will work on its own accord there. You can do this when you're going down the road, when you're lying down. You can do this at any time. No one will be aware of this. Only you will know, and it will make you feel more at ease.

As you do the Tafakkur, the Asma will bring about certain changes in you. What's it going to do? Whatever is lacking in you may be opened with that Asma' . Every Asma has been given to humanity for goodness and beauty. That's why Allah says in the Quran-i Karim that these are the Asma al-husna, the Most Beautiful Names. He says, "Bear witness to all things created in the 'alam al-ghayb, (the unseen world)." There are many things in this 'alam al-ghayb that we cannot see. Have faith and you will see. This Âyah (Quranic verse) has come solely as testimony to this. These are working in every human being. So if a person can make Tafakkur work within himself together with these Asma, then he will be able to hear both the sound of beauty and goodness inside himself, and he will also be able to hear the sounds of the beauty and goodness that Allah has created outside.."

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