Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Attributes of Allah Ta'ala

"He is Allah, and there is no God beside Him, the Knower of the unseen and the seen. He is Gracious, the Merciful.He is Allah, and there is no God beside Him, the Sovereign, the Holy One, the Source of Peace, the Bestower of Security, the Protector, the Mighty, the Subduer, the Exalted. Holy is Allah far above that which they associate with Him.He is Allah, the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner. His are the most Beautiful Names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him, and He is the Mighty the Wise.
[59: 23-25]

Allah is the proper name of God, however He has many other names (and attributes) which He can be called. These attributes describe how Allah manifests Himself to us. God's attributes are innumerable since human intellect cannot possibly comprehend every aspect of the Supreme Being.

It is not possible to perfectly translate the names and attributes of Allah from their original Arabic into English. However, here are some fairly close explanations.


ADH-DHaahir Qur'aan [57:3] Al-3aalim Qur'aan [6:73] Al-3aDHeem Qur'aan [2:255] Al-3afuww Qur'aan [4:43] Al-3aleem Qur'aan [2:32] Al-3aliy Qur'aan [2:255] Al-3azeez Qur'aan [2:129] Al-7aafiDH Qur'aan [12:64] Al-7afeeDH Qur'aan [11:57] Al-7afiy Qur'aan [19:47] Al-7akeem Qur'aan [2:32] Al-7aleem Qur'aan [2:225] Al-7ameed Qur'aan [14:1] Al-7aq Qur'aan [10:32] Al-7aseeb Qur'aan [4:6] -7ayy Qur'aan [2:255] Al-a3laa Qur'aan [87:1] Al-a7ad Qur'aan [112:1] Al-aakhir Qur'aan [57:3] Al-akram Qur'aan [96:3] Al-awwal Qur'aan [57:3] Al-baari' Qur'aan [59:24] Al-baaTin Qur'aan [57:3] Al-barr Qur'aan [52:28] Al-baSeer Qur'aan [17:1] Al-fattaa7 Qur'aan [34:26] Al-ghaffaar Qur'aan [38:66] Al-ghafuur Qur'aan [10:107] Al-ghaniy Qur'aan [6:133] Al-ilaah Qur'aan [2:133] Al-jabbaar Qur'aan [59:23] Al-kabeer Qur'aan [13:9] Al-kareem Qur'aan [82:6] Al-khaaliq Qur'aan [59:24] Al-khabeer Qur'aan [6:18] Al-khallaaq Qur'aan [15:86]

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